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Named by the National Association of Realtors® as one of “The Twenty-five Most Influential People in Real Estate” Julie speaks internationally on real estate trends, consumer centricity and real estate agent profitability.

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For more than thirty years, Julie Garton-Good has dedicated her career to helping real estate professionals improve the “American Dream” experience for consumers. The sole three-time recipient of the prestigious “International Real Estate Educator of the Year” award from the Real Estate Educators Association, Julie’s a real estate industry visionary who uses her enthusiasm to encourage others to live their best, most empowered, life…
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About the International Association of Real Estate Consultants®

There’s a Real Estate Consumer Evolution/REvolution underway, and www.iarec.com is leading the new wave of reinvented real estate professionals! Watch the video to learn more!
The C-CREC® Designation

The Consumer - Certified Real Estate Consultant® (C-CREC®) designation is the first international designation focused on results-oriented skills required by consumers---not what the real estate industry chooses to deliver to consumers. ( more about C-CREC®)
The Frugal HomeOwner™

The Frugal HomeOwner™ is a how-to informational
resource for home buyers, sellers, and homeowners
from Julie Garton-Good.
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