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Named by the National Association of Realtors® as one of "The Twenty-five Most Influential People in Real Estate" Julie speaks internationally on real estate trends, consumer centricity and real estate agent profitability.

“Everybody's Got a Real Estate Story: How to Build $ales & $ell-ebrity with Real Estate Consumers!”
“Channel Your Consulting Power: Three Subtle Shifts that can Skyrocket Your Real Estate Career, Starting Today!”
"Consumer Evolution/REvolution: A Seminal Opportunity for Real Estate Professionals"
"Professional R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: How to Earn It From Consumers in Five Simple Steps"

"Show Me the Money: Work Smarter, Not Harder, to Scrap "FREE" and Get Paid What You’re Worth!"
"Show Me the Profit: Add New Profit Centers That Impact Your Bottom Line!"

"Trends 2018 and Beyond: New Approaches That Can Make or Break Your Business"
"New Business Models: Coming to a Brokerage Near You!"
Be the Boom
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"Real Estate Educators Reinvented: Choices, Challenges, and Skill-Building for Your Critical Edge"
From "Fine" to "Phenomenal": Seven Surefire Steps to a World-Class Presentation

"Everybody's Got a Real Estate Story: How to Build $ales & $ell-ebrity with Real Estate Consumers"

It's true. Everybody's got a real estate story, especially if you're an agent. So why not share your narrative with consumers to help them focus on building their own story…with you!

"Everybody's Got a Real Estate Story: How to Build $ales & $ell-ebrity with Real Estate Consumers" will:

* Help you craft and share your own real estate story so that it resonates and is most relatable with buyers and sellers;

* Provide you with a two-page turnkey template to help consumers visualize, then realize their desired buying/selling experience---their real estate story;

* Implement a written game plan to stay on-track throughout the successful transaction;

* Build your story into book format for sharing your real estate philosophy with prospective clients; and

* How to harness the marketing power of niche markets to gain $ales & $ell-ebrity status!

If you've been a real estate professional for one day, or thirty years, "Everybody's Got a Real Estate Story" is ideal for focusing on your greatest strength…sharing your story to empower others!

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“Channel Your Consulting Power: Three Subtle Shifts that can Skyrocket Your Real Estate Career, Starting Today!”

When was the last time you thoroughly enjoyed every facet of being a real estate professional? Last week? Last month? Or perhaps never?

This presentation will pinpoint how making just three tiny tweaks in what you do and how you do it can help you revolutionize and reinvent your real estate business…starting today!

By channeling your consulting power, you can:

* Locate and penetrate your “natural target market” to save time, money, and stress;
* Perform a thorough “Consumer’ Needs Assessment” to determine whom you want to work with, and courteously dismiss those prospects that may prove difficult and non-compliant; plus
* Design a powerful written tailor-made game plan and timeline for each specific client…to keep the transaction transparent and on track from beginning to end.

If you’re tired of “majoring in minors” and banging your head against the wall for people who don’t appreciate your efforts, this presentation is for you!

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"Consumer Evolution/REvolution: A Seminal Opportunity for Real Estate Professionals"
The events of the past several years have real estate consumers disillusioned and discouraged, demanding a turn-around in real estate services, approaches, and getting their needs met. This course will show you exactly what savvy, reinvented consumers are looking for in the real estate purchase/sales process, and what they’re willing to do to get it!

"Consumer Evolution/REvolution" will pinpoint:

• The six new consumer realities (four of which deal with money!);
• How free services actually alienate us from consumers, not ingratiate us;
• The top three questions consumers have about real estate commissions (and why we must be able to answer them!);
• Why reinvented consumers are demanding greater transparency in the real estate process and exactly what they’re looking for; and
• Techniques we can use immediately with consumers to build their loyalty and renew their faith in the American Dream!

If you want to win big with consumers by addressing their latest needs, this course is for you!

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"Professional R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: How to Earn It From Consumers in Five Simple Steps"
If you’re not getting enough R.E.S.P.E.C.T. from your customers and clients, there IS something you can do about it. In fact, the changes are so effective, yet subtle, you can implement them, starting today!

"Professional R.E.S.P.E.C.T." will show you how to use:

• A two-page assessment tool to determine exactly what the consumer wants to achieve, how viable it is, and whether or not you can/want to assist him;
• A three-minute presentation to set the stage, describing what you do, how you do it, and what you won’t/don’t do as a real estate professional;
• "Risk/reward" strategies to explain how contingent fees benefit consumers; and
• A "How We’ll Work Together" brochure to help cement loyalty and firm a long-term relationship with today’s savvy consumer.

Real estate consumers really DO want to respect professionals…we just need to show them the steps to take, and this session lays the groundwork!

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Show Me the Money: Work Smarter, Not Harder, to Scrap "FREE" and Get Paid What You’re Worth!
There’s no doubt that "free" is killing our profession. This session will show you how to move away from free, determine the dollar value of your time, and get paid for what you do, once and for all!

"Show Me the Money" will focus on:

• How to evaluate your "true cost of free" and why it’s killing our profession;
• Five critical steps to take to eliminate "free" from your job description;
• A formula to determine your profitability on each and every service you provide;
• Identifying and maximizing your "uniqueness quotient" to differentiate yourself from other professionals; and
• Showcase your value to consumers via a customized three-minute presentation.

If you’re ready to scrap free and receive compensation like a true professional, "Show Me the Money" can help!

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Show Me the Profit: Add New Profit Centers That Impact Your Bottom Line!
With real estate commissions stretched thin, it’s an ideal time to think outside of the box and add stand-alone profit centers to your brokerage business to create cash flow while providing added-value services to real estate consumers.

"Show Me the Profit" will show you:

• The top stand-alone profit centers in brokerages today, and why consumers’ gravitate to them;
• Three in-demand real estate services consumers will pay for outside of the traditional listing/sale process;
• How to design and get paid for a money-in-the-mailbox FSBO program that generates qualified listing leads at the same time;
• How to introduce fee-for-service products that INCREASE your full-service business, not diminish it;

If creating cash flow and beefing up profitability is on your radar, you’ll want to attend this hands-on session.

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Trends 2017 and Beyond: New Approaches That Can Make or Break Your Business
While Julie Garton-Good doesn’t have the definitive crystal ball for the future, she has done extensive consumer-focused research to determine which new business approaches should be on your radar in the coming years.

"Trends 2017 and Beyond" will focus on:
• The importance of embracing, and staying, consumer-centric…and ways to monitor it and ensure that it happens;
• Five ways to recast how you do business including set working hours, by appointment only, and "Our Game Plan for Working Together" worksheets that spell out expectations and professional fees prior to working with a consumer.
• Why dropping the mantle of "salesperson" will do legions for consumer’ acceptance---including more positive ways to refer to yourself and showcase what you do; and
• How to detail and use the more than 240 tasks/services you provide to your marketing advantage with consumers.

"Trends 2017 and Beyond" will put you in the driver’s seat of your business with fresh approaches to cement your real estate future!

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New Business Models: Coming to a Brokerage Near You!
They’re popping up like flowers in spring---new business models in stand-alone formats, while others layer seamlessly on top of existing traditional brokerages. If you haven’t investigated them, this is your golden opportunity to do so!

"New Business Models" will:

• Detail how new business models are evolving, and why;
• Show how eroding equity requires us to "think outside of percentage commissions" for getting paid in the future;
• Enumerate various new business model components that can be mixed and matched;
• Demonstrate how to seamlessly add new business approaches and profit centers to your current business model without disrupting your traditional approach; and
• How to poll your current customers/clients to determine which direction to expand your business.
If you’re looking for ideas on how to expand and grow your real estate business, look no further than New Business Models!

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Be the Boom

A keynote presentation from Julie Garton-Good, DREI

Don’t let a challenging market get in the way of your success. This hands-on keynote will give you valuable “right now” tools to kick your business up a notch!

You’ll learn:

  • Three steps to determine which skill sets you should expand and which to scrap.
  • How to use a formula to determine what one hour of your time is worth to help you move away from “free” and build greater allegiance with clients and customers.
  • Ways to showcase the more than two hundred services you provide that cement your value with consumers.
If elevating your mindset and your bottom line are on your radar, you won’t want to miss this session!

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"Real Estate Educators Reinvented: Choices, Challenges, and Skill-Building for Your Critical Edge"
Today's topsy-turvy real estate market requires all players to reinvent themselves, especially educators. What will the real estate education landscape look like and what courses will be vogue? What's the best way to design and deliver educational offerings to meet the needs of the emerging real estate professional? And last, but not least, what skills will educators need to develop to navigate this brand new world and embrace opportunities?  

"From Real Estate Educators Reinvented", we’ll cover:

  • Enumerate the five new realities of real estate education that will dominate the coming years;
  • Compare and contrast the top eleven topics of this decade to those offered just five years ago, including which you should specialize in;
  • Perform your own "check up, from the neck up" to determine your top two real estate education niches that you can "own", including titles for two new presentations;
  • Showcase (via simulation) the three most prevalent delivery systems on the horizon, including the pros and cons of each;
  • Determine three new skills plus three additional online applications you'll need to successfully navigate the new world of real estate education;
  • Design a "Real Estate Educators' Business Plan" that encompasses new tasks to develop, timeframes to complete them, and profitable ways to apply them.

If you plan on not only surviving, but thriving as a real estate educator, this course is for you!

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"From "Fine" to "Phenomenal": Seven Surefire Steps to a World-Class Presentation
In today’s competitive climate, it’s not enough to just be an average instructor. You owe it to yourself and your students to deliver a memorable, mesmerizing, tailor-made presentation each and every time.
From “Fine” to “Phenomenal”: Seven Surefire Steps to a World-class Presentation, we’ll cover:

  • Five questions you need to ask upfront to properly personalize the presentation for a specific audience
  • Which added value take-away materials are most beneficial to students, and why and which to avoid
  • How to map out an 8-hour course in less than 15 minutes using just one feature of PowerPoint
  • The importance of designing and implementing exercises and simulations to invigorate the mind of the adult learner
  • How using techniques from the Greek theatre proscenium stage can markedly improve your delivery as a presenter
    . . . . and much, much more.

If you’re committed to kicking your presentation up a notch with new tools and real-world applications, this instructor workshop is for you!

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